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Looking for Work?

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

As a recent MBA graduate, who is about to finish an internship in India, I am looking for work.  To be more specific a place to start a new career.   In about a month I will be boarding a plane for the trip back to Milwaukee in a month with no guaranteed job waiting for me when I get there.  So like many who are “jobless” the economic and employment situation in the US causes me to fret more than is probably healthy, and paying attention to the news daily probably doesn’t help.  I feel I should keep myself somewhat informed though, because while here in India though I actually field a great deal of questions about the situation back in the US, and I want to be able to answer them.  So stopping by the Wall Street Journal’s website I happened to read a post where multiple economists reacted to the latest job report, needless to say it  didn’t really fill me with good emotions.

Then after reading numerous posts about the hollowing out of the middle-class, which I don’t personally feel will be as drastic in the short term as others feel, I saw this headline, “Study: Unemployed Spend Only 1% of Time Looking for Work.”  After reading that a soothing calm swept over me, why?  Well the reason I didn’t post over the weekend is because I spent the vast majority of my time searching for jobs, writing cover letters for the ones I found that I liked, and before submitting them doing my research.  So to skip a lot of other comments I could make about that, if I keep my dedication up, continue to research the companies I would like to work for, and set aside time I am sure I can beat the odds.

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