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IBM is Up in the Clouds

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment


A post over at Engadget yesterday focused on some new tech in the pipeline from IBM, particularly a large storage array with 120 petabytes of capacity, a petabyte being 1 million gigabytes, or 1 thousand terabytes.  Which gives this array enough space to store “24 billion average sized MP3s,” enough music to occupy you auditory senses for 1.2 billion hours (assuming that each song was only 3 minutes long and not something more like the 8 minutes of Stairway to Heaven).  As that is more music then you and your 1,000 closest friends could hope to listen to in a lifetime this tech must have a much different purpose.  As cloud computing is become more and more common demand will go higher and higher for storage centers with the ability to not only hold vast amounts of data but also be able to process it at ever-increasing speeds.  I am interested to see the type of developments, everything from software to peripherals, that will be coming out in the next few years to take advantage of the growing cloud.  My hope being that one day any computer I log onto will be exactly the same as mine at home, or will it be that my computer at home is the same as the one at the cafe?  Either way I think it isn’t that far off, so it is time for you and me to come up with some way to provide some unique services in this space.

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