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For Starters

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

It has been some time since I have actively written in my own blog, and since then a constant thought in the back of my head was that I should definitely start contributing to something again routinely. I finally decided that there is no better time then the here and now and I need to start posting again to document my own thoughts and reactions, so I may reflect on in the future and share my own opinions, experiences and thoughts with others.

When I started the process of creating this new space I was stuck at the point where you chose a blog name, because I thought isn’t it all in the name. Businesses use focus groups to pick names for products or services because they are important, names can then lay the ground work for strategies or marketing campaigns, perhaps they could be the difference between striking it rich or going broke. Now I am aware of the fact my blog will not be the key to my life’s success, or some larger enterprise’s, but the name is still important. So after some consideration, made over a cup of coffee, I decided just to use my own name. If nothing else this blog will serve as a reflection of myself and all the different, and sometimes completely unrelated, interests of mine. I would not want to limit myself to posting only on one topic or idea because of a name, as I don’t limit myself here in the physical world to pursuing only one thing. Perhaps I am not creative enough to create a name that signifies some greater meaning, but I think my name will do okay.

So as a preview of things to come here are some ideas for blog posts coming in the near future: details of my experience so far here in India (with some pictures), thoughts on an article I recently read about the importance of emotional intelligence in the work place, reactions to current events, recipes I need to try, and links to various things I have found interesting around the web. Hopefully someone else will find this worth their time, but I will be happy if it is only for my own gratification as well.

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