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Modern Light Shining Through

January 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I know that I haven’t made a post in months, but not to fret I haven’t given up on the blog – I was just distracted with life and work upon coming back to the States.  To follow the list of recently created New Year’s resolutions I need to start blogging and posting a great deal more on here.  So like starting fresh I give you some modern home design!

This picture above stood out to me, like many interior shots of modern homes do, because of the great deal of light coming in through all of the windows.  It is one of the strongest attachments I have to modern architecture, the ability to easily be asymmetrical but yet balanced with windows and light.  In classically styled homes, or even the salt boxes and cookie cutter homes, the design too often necessitates a patterned approach to windows.

This house above was designed by David Jameson Architect Inc.  and can be read more about at HomeDesignFind.

Modern Windows and Asymmetrical Balance


Modular, Modern, and Container Homes

September 8, 2011 4 comments

For several years now I have been a big fan of modular modern homes, and then when container homes began to grow in popularity I found I liked them too.  I never know if I will own one, but the industrial aesthetic appeals to me.  So finding that one of my favorite producers of modular homes, Hive Modular, is also designing container homes like the one bellow:

While I don’t find this particular building to be the best container home/cabin I have ever seen it definitely fulfills the criteria it was designed to.  Simple and functional.  While simplicity finds a place in my ‘good design’ criteria, I have some high hopes from this firm to post some more pictures of completed projects that will really wow me.  Surprisingly a container house that has done that, while remaining simple in concept, was found in a movie.  Tron: Legacy in fact.  Bellow is a picture of Sam Flynn’s house in the movie.

My favorite container home so far

Despite knowing it is a movie prop and was designed to look like it hadn’t been, I like the unchanged exterior of the containers and simple creation of open space in the home inspire me.  Perhaps it could be the base of future designs to actually be built.  Checking out a list of container homes at ContainerBay I found some that were similar, like this one by Adam Kalkin, called the Quick House:

On a more sophisticated note I found this house bellow on another WordPress blog.  The post by Jody Forehand, titled Ship Me a Building: Used Shipping Containers as Architecture lead off with the house bellow.  While there were little details on the project it points to a more creative use of shipping containers.

Jody’s post is worth a read for its short synopsis of various container projects, not all of which are homes.

I also liked  Jetson Green’s 15 Shipping Container Projects of 2010.  The post covers some of the smaller and more affordable projects.  These ideas could make an impact in both urban areas as well as those recently struck by disaster, but the post also happens to mention a container building in my home town of Milwaukee.

Lessons on the Little Things

August 28, 2011 Leave a comment


Logging onto LinkedIn a few days ago I was greeted with a trending story on Microsoft’s work to change the copy, move, and rename functions in Windows 8, linking to the MSDN blog.  Reading through it reminded me of a few things, particularly how oblivious I can be sometimes to the small repetitious actions I do during the day – like copy/paste of files.  Now I don’t feel that these functions in Windows were hindering my work or personal life, but instead I thought the idea could apply to other parts of my life.  While reading through the post and Microsoft’s process I thought what if I look into the small things, examining the process and improving it could have drastic impacts on the quality of my work.  We won’t all access to millions of computers to draw test data from, but I imagine that I can find a few things which could use improvement if I just think about it.  I just need to remember that the small things can have a big impact.

Also looking forwards to seeing how much of an improvement these changes will make when I finally upgrade to Windows 8.  Considering I just put 7 on all my computers, and my work still is using XP, this could be a while – not to mention it isn’t released yet.  You can follow the blog here, and clicking on the picture above will take you to the video on their process.


For Starters

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

It has been some time since I have actively written in my own blog, and since then a constant thought in the back of my head was that I should definitely start contributing to something again routinely. I finally decided that there is no better time then the here and now and I need to start posting again to document my own thoughts and reactions, so I may reflect on in the future and share my own opinions, experiences and thoughts with others.

When I started the process of creating this new space I was stuck at the point where you chose a blog name, because I thought isn’t it all in the name. Businesses use focus groups to pick names for products or services because they are important, names can then lay the ground work for strategies or marketing campaigns, perhaps they could be the difference between striking it rich or going broke. Now I am aware of the fact my blog will not be the key to my life’s success, or some larger enterprise’s, but the name is still important. So after some consideration, made over a cup of coffee, I decided just to use my own name. If nothing else this blog will serve as a reflection of myself and all the different, and sometimes completely unrelated, interests of mine. I would not want to limit myself to posting only on one topic or idea because of a name, as I don’t limit myself here in the physical world to pursuing only one thing. Perhaps I am not creative enough to create a name that signifies some greater meaning, but I think my name will do okay.

So as a preview of things to come here are some ideas for blog posts coming in the near future: details of my experience so far here in India (with some pictures), thoughts on an article I recently read about the importance of emotional intelligence in the work place, reactions to current events, recipes I need to try, and links to various things I have found interesting around the web. Hopefully someone else will find this worth their time, but I will be happy if it is only for my own gratification as well.

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