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What We Eat

From Visual Economics

This info-graphic from Visual Economics caught my interest, and caused me to compare it to my own diet.  After some thought I could easily tell some things are out of proportion with my personal intake, strikingly so if you spend 3 months in India.  I often think of how much my diet has changed from being back home and how much, and why that is.  There is definitely less meat, as most days are purely veg, along with less dairy, fruits, and soda in my diet.  Some things I expected, like less meat, but less fruit surprised me when I got here.  That isn’t to say it is available, but it isn’t part of my normal meals.

The most interesting application of something like this is thinking about how things add up over the course of a year, much like how Mint.com summarizes my spending habits over time.  In my case both exercises have told me I most likely spend to much time at local diners back in Milwaukee.

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